Welcome to RDH Longhorns

We are located in Central Texas just northwest of Austin.

We have been Texas Longhorn breeders, and loved this incredible breed since 1988. Raising Texas Longhorns has become a family passion. Our 10 year old son can talk about well-known Longhorn herd sires, and genetics with the best of 'um!

As a breeder, we strive to cultivate Texas Longhorns with good temperament, conform- ation, clean, colorful, and a "respectable" horn length. We think it's important to look at the "total package"; not just breeding for horn length, and running the risk of "breeding out" those characteristics that make the Texas Longhorns so unique.

Many of the genetics included in our herd are from well-known pedigrees such as: Overwhelmer, Impressive, Emperor, Classic, Lethal Weapon, Senator, Jet Jockey, The Shadow, RM Whirlwind, Bail Jumper, Cowcatcher, Dixie Hunter, Ranger's Measles, Don Quixote, Abraham, Phenomenon, Widespread, Ace's Mojo, etc.

We're very excited about our main herd sire, "RDH Freeway", who is a 3 year old "Highway Man" son, with an exceptional pedigree, (Overwhelmer, Senator, Jet Jockey, Classic, Quill). He's colorful (black & white), speckle-faced, clean, good disposition, and has an impressive horn length for his young age. (He has a "red horn base", so they're still growin'!) We have been very pleased with the calves he's thrown so far. They are colorful, gentle, and have promising horn potential.

We also have a few beautiful heifer calves out of a Lethal Weapon" son, "Deadly Weapon" (Wide-Linn, Tri-W Ladies Man, Classic, Texas Ranger JP). He's known for producing colorful, growthy cattle with lots of thick long horns. We have certainly been pleased with the calf crop we have received out of this outstanding bull. We invite you to check out our "Herd Sires" page for photo and pedigree.

You'll want to take a look at our two upcoming junior herd sires, "Mojo of Coach", and "Henderson", also featured on our "Herd Sires" page. They both have excellent pedigrees, and awesome horn potential! We are very excited about their future progeny prospects!